Vaginoplasty abroad – cost and useful information.

Vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening) is a surgical procedure aimed to tighten your vaginas muscles, usually performed after childbirth. The ideal size and symmetry of the vagina are returned what results in improving the quality of sexual intercourse. You will feel more confident naked, feel your partner more intense and the shame or hesitance will be just a bad memory. The surgery can bring back tone, strength and control to your vaginal muscles.
As the prices differ from country to country, you may consider undergoing vaginal rejuvenation in another country. It may also be a comfortable choice when it comes to privacy and quiet recovery away from unwanted questions.
We have compared prices from the most popular destinations but took just the cost of the surgery itself.

You should come one day earlier to meet your surgeon and undergo a pre-surgery consultation. The surgery itself takes about 1 hour and could be done under local or general anesthetization. Everything should be healed by one month time, but doctors recommend to stay sexually inactive for the first six weeks after the vagina surgery.
Underneath please find some general pricing (basing on high-quality private clinics, prices shown are without prime consultation and post-operative visit). Prices are shown in GBP:


Canada 5032 GBP
Dubai 7066 GBP
Israel 3426 GBP
UK 4000 GBP
Poland 1156 GBP
Moscow 1927 GBP
Turkey 1499 GBP

In our opinion, everybody has an equal right to the access for a good, safe and trustworthy medical services. We should take advantage of the price differences among countries and choose the most accurate facility, which can be much cheaper and in the same moment more caring and better quality. As travelling abroad for a medical procedure always causes some anxiety, we recommend choosing a package deal with some help in organising transportation from the airport, hotels and additional services.

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