Many British consider travelling overseas to undergo surgery for financial reasons. Probably you have heard this slogan before “Travelling abroad for treatment is cheaper” – well, we all know that prices for medical procedures in British private sector are extremely high but what does it mean to our wallets? What is the real difference? We have investigated this topic carefully taking into account many different private hospitals in GB as well as in Poland. We have checked prices of single procedures and whole care packages in internationally accredited and well-reviewed clinics to compare the highest quality service, where the price difference does not come from care standard.

Other even greater group is created by Patients who travels abroad to receive dental help or to improve their appearance.

To be specific, we have chosen few complex procedures from each medical field: Orthopaedics, IVF, eye procedures, weight loss treatment and varicose veins treatment, as those are the most popular ones – we will publish them soon on our website.