Orthopaedics – the most painful injuries and disabilities occur in this particular field of medicine. We have problems with our knees – usually as the result of an accident during sports (knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction), sometimes because of degenerative changes or arthritis; hips – a large joint which often begins to tease in old age (hip arthroscopy, hip replacement); shoulders – sprain, dislocation, overspread are most common issues.

We have investigated over 50 top orthopaedics – surgery clinics- our first impression is that they do not show price lists on their websites. Why? As professionals, we know that you cannot give an exact price before you examine your Patient carefully. Every case differs –, especially in medicine. BUT they could give at least an estimated price, so you know what to expect. And unfortunately, you need to expect quite a substantial sum. Average costs of following procedures are listed below:

  • Knee arthroscopy – 3 400 GBP
  • Knee replacement – 11 100 GBP
  • Hip arthroscopy – 6 200 GBP
  • Hip replacement – 11 500 GBP
  • Shoulder surgery – 4 500 GBP

Now let’s move those 1500 kilometres East – it’s time to take a look at Polish orthopaedics surgery prices in best private clinics. What we have found is interesting – Warsaw as a capital of Poland is no longer a destination if you are looking for good quality for reasonable price. Large and recognisable clinics have raised their prices and their business attitude, probably with an intention of treating Foreign Patients. For example, a hip replacement cost starts from 39 000 PLN (7000 GBP), and it does not include examination tests. We decided to skip Warsaw and focus on different positively reviewed private hospitals and clinics located in other big cities.

  • Knee arthroscopy – 750 GBP
  • Knee replacement – 4000 GBP
  • Hip arthroscopy – 1000 GBP
  • Hip replacement – 4000 GBP
  • Shoulder surgery – 1000 GBP

The following chart shows the data in percentages – the outcome might be surprising:

ProcedureAv. Price in the UK (in GBP)Av. Price in PL (in GBP)Difference in %
Knee arthroscopy340075078
Knee replacement11100400064
Hip arthroscopy6200100084
Hip replacement11500400065
Shoulder surgery4500100078

These numbers are startling. Remember that travelling abroad for a treatment it is not just the price of medical procedure itself. You need to add costs of flight, transportation in (you can rent a car or book a transfer), insurance, early convalescence (depending on the surgery you can stay in the clinic and use rehabilitation and aftercare or move to hotel to wait for the control visit before your flight home) and some extra costs. Nevertheless this all together still makes less than half of a British price. Note that some companies prepare “total care packages” with everything included – even dedicated personal assistant.