Laser vision correction/eye surgery

The sight loss could be probably the worst experience for all of us. Fortunately, the modern medicine found a solution for eye problems – for those who got stuck to glasses and for those who have heard the diagnosis “cataract”. Laser procedures are simple, quick and mostly considered as safe. Eye clinics offer laser vision correction, cataract surgery and glaucoma treatment. Let’s take a look at price differences between Britain and EEA country – Poland known from high-quality eye treatments. Over the top first, come average procedure prices in GB. Please note that prices differ from the technique used – EBK LASIK is twice that expensive as LASEK or PRK. Underneath we have shown the best innovative procedure EBK LASIK.

  • Laser vision correction – 3400 GBP
  • Cataract surgery – 2400 GBP
  • Glaucoma treatment – 2500 GBP

How are things in Poland?

  • Laser vision correction – 700 GBP
  • Cataract surgery – 790 GBP
  • Glaucoma treatment – 620 GBP

In Poland when you decide to fix two eyes than the price will be higher only of around 15%. Bare in mind that the exact price may differ between clinics, it also depends on from the technique you want the Doctor to use. Underneath we present the data in a chart with percentage comparison results.

ProcedureAv. Price in the UK (in GBP)Av. Price in PL (in GBP)Difference in %
Laser vision correction340070079
Cataract surgery240079067
Glaucoma treatment250062075

As we see the difference is around 75% – maybe if NHS is not willing to qualify for the eye treatment under the insurance you should consider undergoing this surgery in one of the private clinics abroad.