An IVF acronym stands for In Vitro Fertilization – a procedure that helps thousands of couples receive their babies despite the early problems with getting pregnant using natural methods. The assistive reproductive technology consists in manually combining an egg cell and sperm in a laboratory situation and then transferring the embryo back to the uterus. This method is highly effective, but on the other hand, not everyone can afford it. In Great Britain prices down as follows:

  • In vitro in Great Britain – about 3650 GBP

Please note that it depends on the number of attempts and the medical condition of Patients. In Poland, many modern clinics are offering international standards of infertility treatment. Underneath please find average price:

  • In vitro in Poland – 1100 GBP
ProcedureAv. Price in the UK (in GBP)Av. Price in PL (in GBP)Difference in %
In vitro3650110070

An average price of infertility treatment with an in vitro method is almost 70% lower than in GB. If you are planning to use this procedure consider visiting one of the Polish clinics – you can do it for less than one-third of the British cost. Remember that it will require more than one visit so in detailed cost calculation, you should add the flight costs for two passengers.