A medical tourist is a person, who travels to another country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment in that country. Everyone knows that. Ok, maybe not everyone, but Wikipedia knows it. And everyone knows Wikipedia. If you are on the medical tourism information site, we can assume that YOU know who medical tourist is but you are hesitant if this whole thing is suitable for you. We will not provide you with the psychological quiz, but instead, we tried to gather and describe all of the special features that the real medical tourists have. Let’s go!

The real Medical Tourist is:

  1. Open to a new culture! Medical travel is not only about healing, but also about getting to know people, spending some time in a different country, tasting a different culture. Although you will probably speak English with everybody you will hear a new language, see how the health-care sector is organised. You might feel anxious but… maybe it is a great opportunity! If your medical condition does not preclude any food, then try to taste something local. Ask your nurses how they say “hello” and “thank you” in the destination country. Buy a guidebook – maybe this trip will not be touristic in the common sense of this word, but you will feel prepared and curious – and maybe you will visit this region one more time but all safe and sound with a backpack?
  2. Inquisitive. Before deciding to travel for medical reasons to the different country we recommend checking the care provider – If you are contacting the clinic directly ask for certificates, search for a personal contact – you can look at the name of the contact person. Be astute about the costs – are there any hidden fees? What is included in the price? Did this person understand you correctly? But, if you have already checked all of above you should be…
  3. Trusting! People usually really want your best recovery. Especially people working in the health-care industry. They have chosen this way to help others; do not be rude and too suspicious in contact with medical personnel and citizen. You will feel much better with the peace of mind and comfort, and people surrounding you will feel your trust, and the outcome of the whole procedure and stay will be much better with this positive energy!
  4. Smart! – Only smart people discredit standard options. Look for a more beneficial solution. For a better quality. For a different way to achieve a goal. You must be a smartie – medical tourism is about lower prices, no waiting time and excellent quality. You can ask why? Well, if you were a developing country willing to invite foreign for a treatment what you will do? Provide THE BEST POSSIBLE CARE, QUALITY AND STANDARD. Otherwise, there would be no chance of success. So taking this into consideration you have chosen to undergo your plastic surgery, your knee arthroscopy or laser vision correction abroad in better prices, with the care and rehabilitation package. You must be a wise man.
  5. Well organised – You should face it – travelling abroad for treatment is a little bit more complicated than a bus ride to the neighbourhood clinic. You need to prepare all of the documents, your medical record, your passport, sometimes visa, planning the flight and transfers in the destinations city. We can give you a hint basing on many medical travellers opinions that the best option is to book a package offer with everything included – you will not have these transportation problems causing a lot of stress. But to find the most suitable offer you need to be well organised anyway!
  6. Calm. During your medical travel, many things can happen. Your flight might be delayed. You may forget some documents. Someone may not understand you correctly. Things like this are the inseparable part of travelling itself. But remember that this time the most important factor is your health. Worrying and stress are not your allies. Take a deep breath and if your plane has a delay just call your Patient Coordinator or your transport provider. Your treatment and recovery must be flawless… but as the Roman Philosopher, Epictetus said: “Things you cannot control should not be worried about”. True.
  7. Must be sure that deserves the best – you do not stop on your GP’s referral to a public hospital where the waiting time is up to 750 days, and no one will treat you individually. Search. Think. There must be other options, as you are a king your life. You deserve the best health. Best quality. Total care. If you are just a common man in the street, then sit and wait another two years for your poor hip prosthesis. Or pay 14 500 Pounds without any physical therapy. Or maybe you deserve better?

If you identify yourself with features mentioned above then probably the medical travel solution may be the best option for you! Relocation of medical procedures due to the price and quality is a global trend nowadays. Maybe you could be the next citizen of the whole world. Just be open, smart, inquisitive, well organised and calm – your new journey to good health is just around the corner.